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"Predestination," "Surrounded By Your Glory, What Will My Heart Feel," "Bisexual Erasure"

Bone Bouquet

2023 // Purchase here

"Parable of the Prodigal"

the lickety split

2022 // Read here


Poetry Magazine

2022 // Read here

"Playing Video Games during the Pandemic

to Control the Uncontrollable"

Cartridge Lit

2021 // Read here

"Everyone hunts"

SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review)

2017 // Read here 

"Sandbagged," "Parable of the Nice Guy," "dear/deer"

Four Chambers

2017 // Out of print

"Parable," "Parable," "Parable"
Bone Bouquet 6.2

2015 // Read here

The Adirondack Review

2014 // Read here

"Kelly explained," "I'm mindful of," "Kelly is trying"
Emerge Literary Journal

2012 // Read here

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