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custom orders

I am accepting custom orders on a limited basis. Perfect for housewarming gifts, a thoughtful wedding present, or wow-ing someone with special interests! Based on your description of  the project, the piece will be designed, hand-stitched, and felt-backed by me. Cost will be determined taking into account materials and time, and I will communicate the cost before beginning. The design will be presented for approval by the requestor. Please allow two to three weeks for completion of a custom order. I can accept payment via PayPal or venmo. If you'd like to work with me on a custom piece, please contact me via my contact page or directly at s.gzemski@gmail.com. 

Below is a gallery of some of my custom embroidery: 

for sale

The pieces below are designed, hand-stitched , and felt-backed by me. Cost takes into account materials and time. Smaller items cost $3.50 to ship; larger items cost $5.00.  If you'd like to purchase one of these pieces, please contact me via my contact page or directly at s.gzemski@gmail.com. I can accept payment via PayPal or venmo.

2019-05-26 12.40.01_edited.jpg
2019-05-26 12.40.12_edited.jpg

queen anne's lace

$45 + $3.50 shipping

6" oval faux wood hoop

backed in white felt

queen anne's lace is a traditional abortifacient plant. 50% of profit will go to the tucson abortion support collective

best wishes

$55 + $5 shipping

sky blue-baby blue-light gray ombre background pattern, hand-measured

8"  bamboo hoop

backed in sky blue felt

Popcorn and movie ticket embroidery

Popcorn bag and movie ticket embroidery